Who has george clooney dating

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During Season 2, Ray, Ross' father, tries to reconcile with his estranged son.

Ross has difficulty reconnecting with the man who abandoned him and his mother.

Doug later has an affair with Ray's girlfriend, a woman who Ray stole money from, but ends the relationship when it becomes clear she has a lot of problems.

Ross is a womanizer who dates and leaves many women throughout the course of the show.

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Doug and Carol are responsible for getting the kidney for Carter and a heart for another County patient, but they never discover who receives the organs. Patrick's Day 1994, Ross is brought into the ER not long before his shift to be "treated" for drunkenness by his longtime friend, Dr. Throughout the next few seasons, Ross is shown to be compassionate, though not always using the best judgment.His heroic efforts were filmed on local television, making him a media star.This event helped him earn back his job at County, because his supervisor in pediatrics originally wasn't going to renew his fellowship on account of his disrespect to authority.Clooney cited the fans of the show for his reason for making the cameo (he wanted Hathaway and Ross's characters to get back together, which many fans hoped for).Clooney reportedly only asked to be paid scale for the cameo.

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