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It is a domestic counter-terrorist unit that operates under the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group.

Its notable missions include security during the Olympic Games, and rescuing guards from rioting prisons in 19.

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This is an article on the ceremony to honor the K-129 crew. “Colby Tells Publishers That CIA Is Jeopardized by Sensational Headlines.” October 31, 1972.

Colby as Director of Central Intelligence, 1973–1976” (Washington, DC: CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence, 1993; declassified 2011). “Police Asked to Watch Hughes’ Ship.” TK, September 10, 1974.

“I don’t see any handcuffs,” he said, to which a Delta operator replied, “We don’t have handcuffs.

It’s not my job to arrest people.” This was a major factor in the FBI embracing the need for its own counter-terrorist team—while the skill set was similar to Delta, the mission required a civilian, criminal justice mindset.

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