Validating microsoft windows

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For example, when you test a Windows Form or a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application, there might be custom code.Or, there might be special behavior defined for hovering over a control, such as a tree node expanding when a user hovers over it.To test circumstances like these, you have to manually notify the Coded UI Test Builder that you are hovering over the control by pressing predefined keyboard keys.

Requirements The remaining sections in this topic provide more detail about the steps in this procedure. UIMap for your test, or to generate code for a validation method that uses an assertion for a UI control.

Automated tests that drive your application through its user interface (UI) are known as (CUITs).

These tests include functional testing of the UI controls.

For a more detailed example, see Walkthrough: Creating, Editing and Maintaining a Coded UI Test. To generate assertions for your UI controls, choose the Add Assertions tool in the Coded UI Test Builder and drag it to the control on the application under test that you want to verify is correct.

In the walkthrough, you will create a simple Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application to demonstrate how to create, edit, and maintain a coded UI test. When the box outlines your control, release the mouse.

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