Shane west dating now

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Tell us about this awesome wig you get to sport for the show. He did leave Salem a lot to go to war, to explore, to do a lot of things that actually weren’t even explained historically. And I think they were casting older originally, and I think they went through months of it while I was still shooting the final season of “Nikita.” The second-to-last person was Janet Montgomery, a lead actress, and I think when they figured out that she was gonna do it, that she was their Mary Sibley, they needed to see if there was gonna be chemistry.

It’s definitely been a departure for me so far, but a welcome one. He is kind of the outsider that’s from town, so we have stuck pretty close to that, but I haven’t bothered looking up photos. We’ve made him kind of the John Wayne before John Wayne existed — kind of the first real American hero, the original cowboy before the cowboys existed. Unfortunately she was away filming and I was in Los Angeles and there was no way of getting us together so the process of me being cast took a long time. Actually one of the coolest things that not many people know about, if anyone at all, is Jennifer Lawrence was brought in to read with me.

'He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him.'Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a rebellious teenage boy named Landon, who falls for the sweet Jamie.

But the unlikely couple soon discovers their relationship is destined for heartbreak.

Shane West, fresh off his role as Michael in “Nikita,” is the dark drama’s male lead, playing John Alden, a hardened war vet returning to Salem. How much did you remember about the Salem witch trials from history class?

This is the first scripted series for WGN America, a Chicago-based station that primarily aired re-runs and Cubs games, and it’s a bold one, with violence, sex and intensity throughout.

Exploring the question “What if the Salem witches were real?

Forty-eight hours later I had to be in Louisiana to shoot. I was back in Toronto for I kid you not, just under a month, and a week and a half of that was the casting process for “Salem,” so it was a very short break.

Were you nervous to sign on to a network that’s just coming into its own? And I can totally understand if someone would feel nervous, and I think maybe some of the actors have, but for me, no, completely the opposite.

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