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I need someone that is a hard worker, funny, a bit sarcastic, loves music & sports.Someone that likes to enjoy life and not just sit on the couch every day.about two months ago, Jess Shears and Dom Lever have already decided to get themselves tattoos to show their dedication to each other.'That's way too soon to be doing something like that,' you might be thinking, but these are tattoos, so it's totally okay.Put yourself in the position of Jess and/or Dom, you've gone on national TV to try to win a shedload of money for sitting around a sunny villa and pretending to be interested in someone.

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Our ancestors used tattoos to mark Christian Copts with a small cross on the inside of the wrist to grant them access to churches.It is not the first time a patient’s tattoo has stumped doctors. In that case, the patient claimed to have had the tattoo after losing a bet and told doctors he did not think anyone would take it seriously.A case study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine described doctors discovering a diabetic man who was in hospital for a leg amputation but had "D. “This decision left us conflicted owing to the patient’s extraordinary effort to make his presumed advance directive known; therefore, an ethics consultation was requested.” Gregory Holt, the lead author of the new case study, said the biggest concern for him was whether it was legally the right decision.“Florida has stringent rules on this,” he told Gizmodo.

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