Jay hernandez and kirsten dunst dating nyc professionals dating

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Most importantly, there is tangible chemistry between Dunst and Hernandez.Character actor Bruce Davison offers an effective portrayal of a conflicted father who loves his daughter but doesn't know how to help her or to prevent her from hurting herself or others.

Stockwell's epileptic directorial style involves a lot of camera movement and quick edits.There's an immediate connection between them, despite their vastly different backgrounds and divergent personalities.Carlos is from the "wrong side of the tracks" but is working hard to craft an impressive high school resume so he can enter the Naval Academy and become a pilot.In the way things progress, Crazy/Beautiful is a lot like both Save the Last Dance (which featured an interracial teenage romance with all of its associated complications) and Mad Love (in which a strait-laced boy fell for an unstable girl and risked everything to be with her).As was the case with those movies, this one studiously avoids pushing the envelope, giving it the dramatic heft of a made-for-TV movie.

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