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Often, scammers use big online dating web sites to approach their potential victims.

When that happens, their profiles on sites like Yahoo and indicate that they are from the USA, Canada, or Europe (that is because those sites no longer accept subscribers from Russia).

Fans imagined the two characters in a long-term relationship, based on their mutual love of scaring children, with their posts earning hundreds of shares and likes.

'The Babadook and Pennywise are the LGBTQ couple we need, but don't deserve,' wrote one Twitter user.'GOODNIGHT TO THE LGBT ICONS PENNYWISE THE CLOWN AND HIS LONG TERM BOYFRIEND THE BABADOOK, PROSPER QUEENS,' another tweeted.

Although it seems the image was doctored, it forever changed the character's persona in the minds of many, with it showing up at Pride parades and being pictured next to rainbows in fan-art.

Then, more recently, with the reemergence of Stephen King's Pennywise in the new film It, fans started theorizing about whether the clown that lives in the sewer may be gay too, since he enjoys dancing after killing children and has a flamboyant way of dressing, always accessorizing with balloons.

Conveyer belt strategy versus personalized approach strategy In his/her letters, the scammer is usually very flattering, romantic and seductive.

The scammer explains to each potential victim that he/she feels "something special" about him.

Social media was inundated with fan-made images of Pennywise and The Babadook kissing, hugging, and looking like an in-love couple, as well as funny memes and posts praising the imagined romance.Many victims report that they received the first email from the scammer "out of the blue," and that they never belonged to any dating sites.Sometimes scammers even use Craigs List, Facebook, Myspace, or other popular web site to find potential victims After a while the letters from single men from all over the world start arriving in the scammer's mailbox.In the end, he will be left financially exhausted, and " she" will continue to pretend like she is just one Western Union money transfer away for finally being able to meet her beloved. An adorable and lonely gay guy from Russia will be the main character of the same travel story, with very minor changes.Most scammers ask money for one or more of the following: - passport, visa, tickets - travel insurance - fines for failing to officially register their stay in Moscow - financial solvency money ("pocket money," "travel money," "money to show to the customs," "money to show to the Embassy") - money to pay off a loan or a mortgage - sale taxes on the her apartment - emergency medical expenses for the girl or her relatives (illness, car accident, death in the family) - bail money / to pay fines for minor "accidental" violations of the law - taxes supposedly owed on the previous money transfers - money to replace stolen funds - ransom money / financial debt to mafia - presents for herself and her family at holiday times - luxury items (cell phones, clothes, etc) What the victim of the scam never realizes, however, is that behind all the seductive pictures and behind all the warm and passionate letters hides a cynical, manipulative, and sleek mastermind of the crime - a cyber thief of hearts and wallets.

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