Elucidating photography

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Each session we will ask members to give an answer to a different question as it relates to photography and one's role/response to it. (d) How does conceptual photography impact on FAP and the reverse?

(e) Is there a category of street photography called FAP? (g) What role does contemporary photography play in FAP, if any? We will explore going from a RAW file to a completed image.

Fine art photography takes one on a fascinating journey about you as a photographer.

There will be class participation, hopefully, by all members during the course.

There’s also a lack of solid background for the science, with plenty of elegiac (and sometimes too declamatory) descriptions of patterns in the natural world at the expense of the work of X-ray diffraction, which is reduced to far too many scenes of Kidman squinting at photographic plates.

It may be historically accurate, but it’s not very elucidating.

Techniques to create monochromatic images are to be reviewed using Nik filters.Stephane also encapsulates a vast array of limited edition photography from other places such as Arles and Provence in France, to Canterbury and Oxfordshire in England; elucidating both his skill of journalistic photography and his love of travel.In his accumulation of flower photographs, Stephane’s limited edition landscape photography focuses in on more abstract flower photographs, allowing you to decipher the exquisiteness of a simple dandelion, and the stylish Tricolore Poppy’s of France.Kidman embodies all this as a kind of luminescent calm at the centre of a world of chattering, chest-puffing men: it’s an admiring but complex portrait.But, as convincing as this portrayal is, Photograph 51 comes up short in several vital areas.

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