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According to Melanie Smith, an analyst at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue who keeps track of British women travelling to Syria, the most common age at which women leave to join Isis is 15. “They get swept up in the teenage fad – Isis seems very cool,” says Smith.

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The three teenagers, popular straight-A students at the Bethnal Green Academy in east London (since renamed Green Spring Academy Shoreditch), were on their way to join Islamic State.

Sultana spoke regularly to her eldest sister, Halima Khanom, who is 33 and lives in London.

It was difficult for her to convey her fears given the risk of phone calls being monitored by Isis.

The photographs were published in newspapers across the world.

In one close-up picture, Kadiza Sultana is a smiling, bespectacled girl in a headscarf who does not look older than her 16 years.

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