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Just 24 hours after she criticized her employer, the student union, for a proposed to change her job description, she was fired. Now the Women’s Centre is its “primary vehicle for sexual-assault awareness on campus,” says the union’s general manager, Caroline Cottrell.

Horsley says they were afraid of bad publicity or being sued, but Cottrell says Horsley was fired for “providing counselling and other services that could only be provided under clinical supervision,” and that exceeded Horsley’s mandate.

Through workshops, students learn how to recognize sexual assaults, intervene appropriately and support survivors.

The university funded the project in 2010, shortly after a bunch of male students were caught, more than once, peering into residence bathrooms as female students showered.

She is now forming a national group for students, separate from student unions, dedicated solely to addressing sexual assault on campuses.

It also found that women reported 460,000 incidents of sexual assault to social-service providers in 2009, but less than 10 per cent were reported to the police.

Meanwhile, Canadian universities are not required to make public or even keep track of the number of sexual assaults reported to them, making it difficult to get accurate data.

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