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Their son Midge lives with Maxine during the week and stays with Max at weekends. They are both eligible to claim CTC for Midge because the boy 'normally lives with' each of them at different times of the week.

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Existing tax credit claimants are expected to be move across to universal credit between 20.

The groups of people eligible for income support has been squeezed in recent years with the introduction of employment and support allowance and the lone-parent changes, but refugees who are learning English in order to find employment remain an eligible category.2Until recently, it was rare to find someone who met the criteria, as the course must start within the first year of coming to the UK and the average time taken for an asylum decision was far longer.3Decisions are now being made more quickly, however, and although the majority are negative, it is possible to find someone granted refugee status within a year of arrival in the UK.

If the refugee can find a suitable course learning English for more than 15 hours a week, s/he is entitled to income support for up to nine months while attending the course.

The first three types of leave are usually given for a time-limited period of up to five years, and it is very important that an application for extension is made before the leave expires.

The previous status is retained pending a decision on the application.1Note that people who receive a positive decision on their asylum application are often referred to as, or consider themselves to be, 'refugees', even if they are granted one of the other statuses above.

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