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I had no idea what was happening or why and I was overcome with both fear and confusion.

In a nutshell I was having a panic attack and, as I now know, this was the beginning of anxiety disorder.

It has been a massive wakeup call and, although it’s been a terrible time, I’m relieved that I’ve been able to get on top of things before it was too late.

So why am I telling you this in the parkrun newsletter?

I had created a lifestyle for myself where work and life were one in the same; there was no finish of one and start of the other.

Over time this work-life-blend simply wore me down and my body responded through anxiety and panic.

By the time I landed and disembarked in Sydney I felt like I had run a marathon and was completely overcome with exhaustion.

Over the next 48 hours I managed to ‘act’ my way through a series of meetings and social engagements, including a visit to Rhodes parkrun.

By the time I returned home on Saturday evening I was a wreck, not knowing what had happened and, most scarily, what lay ahead.

I’ve received some benefit or level of support from every single person I’ve spoken with.

Secondly, one of the biggest factors in starting to overcome this has been exercise, especially at parkrun.

This week I’m back on deck as CEO of parkrun and I want to pay tribute to Renee Gimbert who has done an amazing job steadying the ship in my absence.

I also want to thank Gareth Candy and the parkrun Australia Board for their support through this time.

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