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Restoration Restoration is probably the most difficult aspect in addressing commercial sexual exploitation.

It is a long process, full of frustrations and hardships.

She said she’s seen a change of mind in the Capitol.

And it happens wherever you have a lot of potential buyers passing through, she said. So, the Buford Republican wrote the legislation that is putting a question in front of all Georgia voters this fall: Should strip clubs and people convicted of sex trafficking-related charges pay into a fund to help children who have been sexually exploited?

While there is a range of experiences, the experience of commercial sexual exploitation can include physical and sexual assault, rape, anxiety, depression, insomnia, flashbacks, emotional numbing, dissociative disorders, brain damage, and murder. Poverty, abuse, lack of education, racial oppression, and red light neighborhoods are push factors for entry into gang activity, drugs, abusive relationships, and prostitution.

As such, we build healthy, loving, Christ-centered relationships with children and their families in vulnerable communities to break the cycles of violence, abuse and addiction for generations to come.

This process stretches us beyond our experiences or abilities and our understanding of Godʼs grace and mercy are often put to the test.

The physical, psychological, economical, spiritual, and relational needs of survivors are vast, legitimate, and ongoing.

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